3 Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

3 Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

Being a parent involves having memorable moments with your baby. It can also take a lot of planning to make sure that your baby’s health remains a priority. You might have asked yourself questions like: “Should everything that my baby consumes, and touches be organic?” or “Are there chemicals in conventional baby clothes that can decrease my baby’s health?” There are a lot of resources out there that provide you with knowledge on how to raise your baby. As a parent, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. You’d like to make the right choices when it comes to your baby’s health. By learning more about the benefits of organic baby clothes you are prioritizing your baby’s health. Read the benefits to help you determine if organic baby clothes are worth your investment.

Organic baby clothes are Durable

What makes organic baby clothes organic? There are no synthetic products or chemicals when growing and manufacturing organic baby clothes. The process that organic baby clothes go through ensures that the clothes are durable and made of quality material. Organic baby clothes remain durable for one hundred washes while conventional baby clothes remain durable for only thirty washes. The value that you’ll get from organic baby clothes ensures that the increased durability is worth your investment.

Organic baby clothes have no Chemicals

By choosing organic baby clothes, your baby’s health improves because it prevents exposure to toxins. Your baby’s skin is very thin and delicate and tends to absorb what is on it. Organic baby clothes can reduce the chemicals that your baby’s body absorbs. “Organic baby clothing is the ideal clothing for any baby because it is the most soothing one for the baby’s skin. You know that the skin of a baby is very delicate and very sensitive. It can be damaged with the slightest hints of harsh chemicals or synthetic colors present in clothes.” (Organicfacts) You’ll also notice that organic baby clothes reduce the irritation and rashes that conventional clothes can cause on your baby’s skin.

Organic baby clothes are Eco-friendly

The chemical free process of making organic baby clothes reduce the chemicals that are in the environment. Conventional clothes are grown with chemicals that affect the air and groundwater. With organic baby clothes, the clean process helps the environment remain chemical free. “The main benefit of organic materials, however, is that the crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful to farmers and workers, us as consumers, and entire wildlife eco-systems.“(David Dietz, HuffingtonPost) The environment also becomes eco-friendlier since there is no dangerous chemical exposure when making organic baby clothes.

An organic lifestyle can improve your baby’s health by reducing the amount of chemicals that their skin consumes. Making a gradual switch to organic baby products doesn’t have to be accomplished all at once, it takes time. Each time you decide to invest in a new organic baby product, you’ll ensure that the amount of chemical exposure on your baby’s skin is reduced. Urban Baby Co uses 100% organic cotton, recycled materials, and biodegradable packaging, we strive to be green in all facets of our business. Browse through our organic baby products to get started!